ICMA, which stands for Institute of Cost and Management Accountants, is a professional body that offers qualifications and certifications in the field of cost and management accounting. The job description of an ICMA professional, often known as a Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), encompasses a range of responsibilities related to financial management and strategic decision-making. Here is a general job description for an ICMA/CMA professional:

  1. Cost Analysis and Management: Conduct cost analysis to determine the cost of products, services, or operations. Identify cost drivers, cost-saving opportunities, and areas for efficiency improvement. Provide guidance on cost management techniques, budgeting, and cost control measures.
  2. Financial Planning and Analysis: Assist in the development of financial plans, budgets, and forecasts. Analyze financial data, prepare financial reports, and provide insights to support strategic decision-making. Evaluate financial performance, monitor variances, and recommend corrective actions.
  3. Management Accounting: Provide management accounting services, including the preparation of management reports, performance measurement, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Assist in the development and implementation of management accounting systems and processes.
  4. Financial Risk Management: Identify and assess financial risks faced by the organization. Develop risk management strategies and internal control systems to mitigate risks. Provide recommendations for risk management and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  5. Costing and Pricing: Determine product costs and pricing strategies. Conduct cost analysis for new product development or pricing decisions. Provide input on pricing strategies to achieve profitability targets.
  6. Strategic Planning and Decision Support: Collaborate with management teams to develop strategic plans and support decision-making processes. Conduct financial analysis, feasibility studies, and investment appraisal for potential business projects or ventures.
  7. Performance Measurement and Evaluation: Establish performance measurement frameworks and KPIs to evaluate organizational performance. Monitor performance against targets, identify areas of improvement, and provide recommendations for performance enhancement.
  8. Financial Compliance and Reporting: Ensure compliance with financial regulations, accounting standards, and relevant laws. Prepare financial statements, management reports, and other financial disclosures as required. Coordinate with external auditors and regulatory authorities.
  9. Internal Audit and Control: Conduct internal audits to assess the effectiveness of internal control systems, identify operational weaknesses, and recommend improvements. Monitor compliance with internal policies and procedures.
  10. Professional Development: Engage in continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest trends, best practices, and regulations in cost and management accounting. Participate in relevant training programs, workshops, and seminars.

It’s important to note that the specific job description for an ICMA/CMA professional may vary depending on the industry, organization, and job level. Some CMAs may have additional responsibilities related to project management, strategy formulation, or performance measurement in specific sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, or services.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Goregaon

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